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January 22, 2018 Steering Committee Meeting

Attendees: Jerome Ferson, Audrey Betcher, Dave Beal, Al Lun, Dee Sabol

Compass Points: 

1. Not certain doing another static Compass Points Report is a good return on investment. Usage from the survey done last year showed mixed result of usefulness. 

2. We looked at Compass Points build your own profile enhancement. They have added interactive profile customizing map for users to select SE Mn, Olmsted County, Rochester and even neighborhood for users to obtain metrics. Though powerful we are not sure the average user has the "patience" or motivation to learn how to slice and dice the data. A suggestion was to establish a small group of power users (could be the data subgroup team of Cradle to Career) to be local helpers for casual users to go to for help. 

3. Regarding Olmsted County's dashboard notion, not much happening since the dashboard meeting back in May, 2018. 

4. Al brought up the usefulness of a Rochester-Area dashboard portal (a website preferably sanctioned by the city and county). The portal is a visualization of data: some sourced from Wilder's Compass, some from local data sources (Cradle to Career, Community Health Assessment, DMC economic metrics).  Al's is a "poor man's" of modeling that concept. 

Other examples of web-based dashboard: Austin, Texas

Complete Count 2020

There is Complete Count meeting coming up in Jan. 29 which CNG has helped to plan and promote via CNG website and email to distribution. 


Future of CNG

1. At our Jan 2018 meeting, we had intention of convening topical discussions inviting agencies on CNG distribution list. However, because of resource and priorities pressures from CNG steering committee leaders, that plan exists only on the drawing board. Never really got carried out. 

2. Al mentioned that he still gets questions about when the next CNG meeting will be. Or, what is CNG up to? 

3. In any case, there is a need for a "closure" or statement of direction. If CNG has difficulty to carry on and if other activities such as Non Profit Consortium, In the City for Good, Community for Health, etc. have overlapping purposes as CNG, one option is to hand off CNG's vision: "We have a healthy and inclusive community where opportunity and responsibility are broadly shared"  to these groups.  

4. However, the CNG original intent had been to bring in public, commercial, educational and social sectors in one place. In fact we had pretty good attendance early on.  There is still a need for that multi-sector forum.  Not sure any of the entities in 3 had that over-arching purpose. 

Actions: Audrey will talk to Mayor Norton regarding the city seems to have an action to form a coherent multi-sector forum that could take over CNG.  We will also find dashboard portal examples from other communities to motivate going forward. 








CNG Partner Sites

United Way of Olmsted County

Rochester Area Foundation

Rochester Public Library

Diversity Council

Channel One

Minnesota Children's Museum - Rochester


A sub-site of dmcBEAM, the Community Network Center (CNC) aims to provide "continuous communication" for Community Networking Group (CNG) to increase awareness and understanding of public, private, non-profit organizations' plans and needs so that individually and collectively we will be more effective in carrying out our mission of serving the community.

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How to participate?

Step 1: Find out more about CNG and if its vision and mission inspire you to act. Things to consider include: What can I get out of participation? What can I contribute to the network? Take a look at the FAQ's and read more about this effort on our InfoCenter .

Step 2: Get on our distribution list.


Community Status/News

RT Autism Awareness Foundation Inc Press Release (March 15, 2019)

RT Autism Awareness Foundation has been awarded a grant from the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, for programs and activities supporting the well being of individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Diagnosis.

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Southeastern Minnesota League of Municipalities (SEMLM) (March 13, 2019)

State lawmakers from Southeast Minnesota are pushing to create a $25 million revolving loan fund to spur business and entrepreneurial activity in the region’s towns and cities."

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Isaiah News (March 06, 2019)

Rochester ISAIAH Community Meetings: Recap of 3/3 and Onto 3/31

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Rochester-Olmsted County Youth commission (March 05, 2019)

The Rochester-Olmsted Youth Commission is bringing the Tents of Witness exhibit to Rochester on April 13th – April 16th. 

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Alternative Learning Center - A Success Story (We want you back) (March 05, 2019)

A success story about ALC.  "We want you back" on YouTube. A Hmong student's high school graduation journey after quitting school to work to help support his family at the age of 16.

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Closing referral disparities (resolution agreement with Office of Civil Rights) (February 23, 2019)

2019-02-23 2018-2019 Report presented to RPS school board and comparison with 2018 reporting. 

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County prepares pitch for crisis center (February 19, 2019)

"A county proposal to build a mental health crisis center in Rochester cleared a big hurdle this week.."

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