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Meeting Summary

JoAnn, Paul, and Cheryl

Affordable House

Workforce housing

History of Rochester Area Foundation

Growth in Jobs

- history, rental housing history in '90's

First Homes , 14 Million leverage 10 times

Provide loan money working with developers, work with sub-divisions.  Loan assists,

Foreclosure, NSP, Kustkey Park, stabilitization

Foreclosed ... 2 affordable 2 market ..  mixed and looks same

Large scale redevelopment ... cascade creek ,  mixed usage, IMAA running

Why Now?

Job Growth ... Maxwell

Steering Committee and Community

NSP -- neighborhood stabilization fund

70 people are homeless in Olmsted , probably more, because of at risk

Gage for homeless

Paul ... why should the county be involved?

Find out what are the partners involved in housing?

- Stable home is essential to better life

- HRA under community services

Levy Issue ... why should we do Levy .. Mayo ? A successful community needs affordable housing


HRA director ... Cheryl Jacobson,  Boulder County is marrying Community Services with HRA

30 in MN, can be either county vs city

HRA ... public housing authority  or economic development,  Metro takes on that model

There is a board ... one of the requests is levy, legislature, jobs bill was veto'ed, what will happen to the board members?

Admin federal program .. rental assistance, rental voucher

Manages public housing (land loard)

Housing rehab program

HRA Levy ... can collect Levy, we have not done so, full amount , 2.3 to 2.5 Million tax at .0185%

With that we can leverage,  Dakota County has done HRA levy 6.8 M, Senior Rental, loans to developers, 5 vouchers youth, 10

Washington County

Fund raising and RAF owns land, land trust (210 community land trust)

Greater MS Housing Fund is a 30 to 1 leverage for local levy

Criminal record .. Cascade, is a great barreir, young adults, youth of color

As part of the conversation or not ,..

Who set the ratio of mix?

2017 is earliest ...

What is the path forward?  Levy is linchpin?

Capital campaign for affordable housing


Need better communicatin to the community


The Group got stuck (community)

September and October .. to come up

Comprehesive Planning

Jeff Aleench Bush

Builders workshop ... online tool to do the survey

2040 horizon, physical plan, not a social plan

Land use plan ...

Transportation is part of the P2S ...

Scenario development

Possible future

If we did the same thing, what would it look like by 2040

Transportation and land use ... coupling bus routes with housing, nodes, IBM (500 K sq ft at IBM), downtown, need one more big node.

And a corridor system

Land use has to be approved by City Council.

A lot of private, great bond rate, private land ownership, change has to get access, we can regulate land use

Developers show up only  for hearings ...  Gates school, neighborhood







CNG Partner Sites

United Way of Olmsted County

Rochester Area Foundation

Rochester Public Library

Diversity Council

Channel One

Minnesota Children's Museum - Rochester


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Community Status/News

Cradle to Career 2018 Launch Feb 22, 2018 Meeting (January 17, 2018)

Cradle to Career Planning Team looks forward to sharing this work with you on February 22. They invite you to join us to see the research and recommendations that have been developed during 2017. Coffee will be served.

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Winona State Rochester: Business, Leadership, and Education (January 12, 2018)

Winona State University – Rochester (WSU-R) and the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Business, Leadership, and Education Open House Jan. 18, 2018

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Rochester A City of Compassion Steering Committee 2017 Status Report (December 24, 2017)

Year end report on status and what to look forward to ...  "as Mary Alessio of the Locks of Compassion Project declares “Compassion is rippling throughout our community”

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Coalition to advance housing framework (December 24, 2017)

Rochester Area Foundation announced the creation of the Coalition
for Rochester Area Housing, a group of public and private sector organizations dedicated to affordable housing in the Rochester area.

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November 2017 DMC Dashboard (December 12, 2017)

YE 2017 DMC Metrics per Nov. 2, 2017 DMCC Board Meeting.

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World's Best Workforce Plan goals not met (November 27, 2017)

Slow progress. 5 Goals not met:  All children are ready for kindergarten, Third-grade literacy, Close all academic achievement gaps, Have all high school graduates career and college ready, Graduate all students from HS

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Groundbreaking Building 1 Discovery Square (November 06, 2017)

The building will be the first of several science and research complexes that could total up to 2 million square feet in the 16-block Discovery Square area.

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DMCC approves $22M in capitral improvement projects for 2018 (November 04, 2017)

While the DMC EDA budget will rise from $3.5 million this year to more than $3.7 million next year, the city will contribute $122,000 less and Mayo Clinic's contribution will increase by $337,000.

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